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Establishing marketing offers to increase Oxfam sales

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  1. Introduction
  2. Situation Analysis ? The marketing Audit
    1. SWOT Analysis
    2. Marketing Offers
  3. Focus on Marketing Partnership
    1. Partnership preparation
    2. Marketing Campaign
  4. Conclusion

Oxfam International is a nongovernmental organization which is actively involved in the fight against poverty in order to reduce the economic disparities in the world. This organization is present all over the world, and is, nowadays, the leading international NGO with a worldwide reputation for excellence in the delivery of aid and development works.

Oxfam needs financial resources if it has to act. That is the reason it has its own network with a majority developed in the United Kingdom with more than 700 shops. Its products come exclusively from people's donations. Majority of all the items are second hand goods except a small quantity of new products furnished by the Great Britain Oxfam Office. Oxfam directly buys its products from fair trade producers.
Charity shop management is completely different for two mains reasons. First all the workers, except the Manager, are volunteers, obviously unpaid, so the first aim for the manager is to convince people to come and work in Oxfam, and determine their functions according to their particular skills. Last but not least, the manager has to make his shop attractive in order to attract people to enter the shop, with the goal to be sufficiently lucrative for Oxfam. This last point will be our report's subject. Marketing is used, and has to be used in Oxfam shops, to collect maximum funds to support humanitarian actions. Admittedly, the sale issues are identical to traditional stores, like that of duplicate products, but charity marketing can be seen as different by customers for humankind reasons.

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