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Strategic analysis of Nissan group

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  1. Introduction
  2. Methodology
  3. Nissan's Presentation
    1. History of the firm
  4. Industry Analysis
    1. SWOT - Analysis
    2. Porter's Five Forces
  5. Action plan
    1. Marketing Plan
  6. The Strategy
    1. What has Nissan's strategy been so far?
    2. The strategy today :Objectives and Long Term Vision
  7. Financial Plan
  8. Conclusion

?As the crisis has evolved, Nissan has remained focused on the recovery, guided by our corporate recovery plan. Although our company is still operating in crisis mode, Nissan is on track toward a complete recovery. In fiscal year 2009, we returned to profitability after losses in the prior year.? Those are the words of Carlos Ghosn, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nissan PLC group. He said the automotive industry crisis of 2008?2010 was a part of a global financial downturn.

The crisis affected European, American and Asian automobile manufacturers. Even if figures are not good as they used to be, Nissan managed to recover and to make profit again. Some companies in this market have not managed to do the same. We can for example speak about General Motors, the world's second largest automaker. $ 50 billion has been given by the American government to help this important firm to avoid bankruptcy. The principal question today is to understand how Nissan managed to keep its business afloat and what they are going to do to find back the income they had in the past.

To answer to this question, we first have to analyze the firm in its universality, when and where does it born? What are their competencies? Who are the shareholders? Then we will have to talk about the automotive market: What has happened over the last few years? Who are the competitors? Those two parts will help us to answer to our previous question, and to study the strategy of the firm: What are the strategies of Nissan, and what does its strategy looks like today. To finish we will try to know if its strategy has been good thanks to the result of the firm.

[...] External analysis Threats Rising Commodity Prices: Due to the economic expansion of China, changes in commodity prices could affect the costs incurred by Nissan and by the others brand. For example the price of steel has increased over the last few years. (Graph Below.) Market saturation in developed country UK automotive market is expected to face a challenging 2011 with sales forecast to fall by over the year. Sales of new cars across the United Kingdom rose above two million units during 2010,?Article extract from the newspaper companies and market. [...]

[...] Renault holds today of Nissan shares, while Nissan holds 15% of Renault share. Organization Core competency of the Firm: With this slogan ?shift the way you can we understand the core competency of the company. Nissan is an innovating, a changing brand. Let's remind that even if innovation is a really good thing for a firm, Nissan has suffered from this need of innovation. In 1999, the company was almost bankrupt, because they invested too much. Let's also said that that investment has been possible because Nissan saved money, without buying raw material but created them. [...]

[...] Bargaining power of suppliers A firm as Nissan requires a lot of raw materials and services. The cost of these inputs can have a significant effect on the firm benefits. Because those raw materials are more and more rare, it is very difficult for an automaker to negotiate it. Bargaining power of customers Even if a customer can negotiate the price of an auto with a dealership, this one does not negotiate the price with the manufacturer. When you have a lot of individual customers, each representing a small proportion of total sales, they will not have the possibility to bargain with manufacturers. [...]

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