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An essay on how Islamic fundamentalism has promulgated problems for members of the Muslim community in Europe

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  1. Introduction
  2. Review of the Current Literature
  3. Ramadan (2006) contends that even though Muslims have been a significant and integral part of the European population for hundreds of years
  4. Zubaida's (2003) analysis of the Muslim community in Europe
  5. Salvatore's (2004) assessment of the Muslim community in Europe
  6. Analysis of the Information
  7. Conclusion

The September 11th terrorist attacks and other international acts of terrorism that have been carried out a recent years have had a significant impact not only are the United States, all the international community as well. Unfortunately, for many Muslims living in various parts of the world, the backlash that has been associated with growing recognition of the Islamic fundamentalists as perpetrators of international terrorist events has prompted considerable concern about leaders in the international community. Although the Muslim community actively denounces acts of terrorism, the fundamental association that exists between Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism continues to promulgate problems for members of the Muslim community.

[...] Only by examining the progress and that Muslims have made toward a social, political and economic integration will readers acquire a clear sense of the current problems facing the Muslim community in Europe. At the present time, there are more than 12 million Muslims living throughout Europe. It does not seem feasible to assert that all of these individuals have been excluded from European society as a result of the recent terrorist attacks against the United States. Conclusion Current research on the status of Muslims in the European community seems to suggest that these individuals have been significantly disenfranchised from social discourse. [...]

[...] What this effectively suggests is that the political backlash that has resulted as a consequence of the link between the Muslim community and terrorist activities is currently having a significant impact on the social mobility of Muslims in Europe. As governments of European nations continue to adopt anti-Muslim policies?disguised as anti- immigration laws?the anti-Muslim sentiment that has developed in recent months will only continue to grow, making it more difficult for Muslims to remain socially mobile in the European community. [...]

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