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Tax News 2007

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  1. Introduction: Doctors call for 'fat tax' on Coca-Cola and Pepsi
  2. Bush Signs $70 Billion Tax Cut Extensions
  3. Senator seeks tax on pimps, prostitutes
  4. Gore says tax pollution, not payrolls
  5. Take aim at oil company tax breaks
  6. Exxon Mobil CEO warns ending tax breaks
  7. Pay up or the planet gets it
  8. Charles quizzed on tax evasion
  9. Conclusion

A collection of analysis of recent tax news, here is an excerpt from one of them:

There are some US cities and states that already have levied taxes on soft drinks and junk foods. Money is exchanging hands in this "taxing" process, but what is the point? This tax would simply make the government richer. The heart of the problem is not really being addressed: how to minimize the tax burden on society, yet at the same time provide quality healthcare, sustain environmental quality

[...] There wil be tax breaks for refinery expeansion and for geological studied to help oil exploration. They say that over the next 10 years the production tax credit saves oil companies 5 billion dollars. In this example we actually see the government implementing a useful program. The energy supplies of this world are limited, and in this particular matter it is important to find new ways of developing energy. The tax benefits provided here are helpful towards society, and are the tax benefits that should be implemented more frequently. [...]

[...] Charles quizzed on tax evasion It is evident that the problem of high ranking officials not paying taxes is widespread. It is not limited to only huge American corporations, but also many people abroad do not pay taxes. Because tax code is imperfect and has many loop holes, good accountants and tax accountants will be able to easily take advantage of these imperfections. There is nothing illegal about this. The service in the UK should not be so surprised that they are not paying taxes, this is simply a standard imperfection with their service. [...]

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