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A new strategy to market the Levi Strauss Jeans

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  1. Introduction
  2. WTO
    1. The attractiveness of the WTO remains strong
    2. The dispute settlement body works
  3. The malfunctioning of the WTO announced the end model?
    1. The Doha round of negotiations
    2. Institutional weaknesses
  4. The WTO does not have the means to ensure effective regulation of trade
  5. Conclusion

The jeans were first created in the United States in the 1850s. Levi Strauss was the creator of the modern day jeans and it was first made from tent fabric. The model eventually evolved and started appearing with stitches and pockets with rivets.

In 1945 the jeans made its first appearance in Europe when the GI's landed. Then it symbolize the rebellion of the younger generation (more celebrities like James Dean and Marlon Brando began to wear it).

Today, jeans are a product used from every angle, and developed in various forms. . It exists in various colors and stitching, and meets the tastes and budgets of most people becoming a part of everyday life.

Despite this trend of strong demand, Levi's is experiencing a slowdown due to the lack of innovation and marketing. The brand has seen its image deteriorate in an increasingly competitive environment. It is time that the brand did something to reassert itself.

After identifying the main features of the jeans industry, this report will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the Levi's brand and will finally propose recommendations on its future marketing policy.

The denim industry has become increasingly competitive. The Levi's company is the pioneer , and is now looked upon as an "old" brand. The problem is a lack of innovation and marketing: young people turn away from the brand and prefer to buy more trendy jeans from among competing brands such as Diesel, Guess, Calvin Klein or Miss60.

To meet the challenge of back sales while increasing young people's interest, it was decided to launch a new product (through a new collection): the Reverso.
Perfectly suited to a market increasingly demanding in terms of innovation and practicality, these jeans will attract a younger and trendier clientele.

A new strategy was recommended to Levis, the launch of a new product (through a new collection) to revitalize and rejuvenate its image. This would be a reversible pair of jeans: the Reverso.

The target launch was to increase market share of Levi's jeans on the industry while maintaining a high quality product. The market share of Levi's is currently 16% and it hopes to reach 18% after one year and 20% in two years. The Reverso is a collection that must remain sustainable and not a short lived collection.

The sources of volume will be towards the high-end brands such as Guess, Dieselor Miss 60, in direct competition with Levi's.
Since the Reverso Jean is an innovative, unique market Jean, Levi's will be able to take their market share.

The target was only the women's ,market especially the young women, be they students or young workers. Aged between 18 and 25 years,as they are sensitive to fashion and brands. They are in the habit of reading fashion magazines (Elle, Glamour, Cosmopolitan) or socializing out with friends. Until now, Levi's products were positioned to highlight the quality and standard, and that, because of their pioneering role.

The Reverso is a reversible jeans and is practical, good quality and it is a fashion product. This product was chosen to develop because it is a unique product on the high-end jeans market .

Tags: Levi Strauss Jeans; new market strategy; strengths and weaknesses

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