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A study on customer expectations on MFD’s towards Xerox India Ltd

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  1. Introduction
  2. Company Profile
    1. History of Xerox
    2. Founders of Xerox
    3. The first product by Xerox
  3. Xerography
    1. A Xerography process
  4. Mission of Xerox
    1. Values of Xerox
  5. Xerox strategy & direction
    1. Diversity of Xerox
  6. Xerox Social responsibility
    1. Xerox Work life
    2. Xerox Environment
    3. Xerox and the Olympics
  7. Xerox in India
    1. Recognition achieved
    2. Organization chart
  8. Product profile
  9. Research Methodology
    1. Research design
    2. Data collection
    3. Sample design
    4. Statistical tool
    5. Sampling unit
  10. Conceptual Framework
  11. data analysis and interpretation
  12. Findings and suggestions
  13. Annexure
    1. Questionnaire
    2. Bibliography
  14. Conclusion

Xerox Corporation is the world's leading document management technology and services enterprise. XEROX INDIA LTD is the Indian subsidiary of Xerox Corporation. The US $15.7 billion, Fortune 500 global document management company was incorporated in 1983. Xerox India's strategic intent is to become the leader in the document market in India by helping improve the customer work processes, positively impacting productivity and costs while digitally empowering them to transform their work. In other words 'helping people find better ways to do great work'.Every company wants to become leader in the market through satisfying the customer and fulfilling their additional wants. Presently Xerox India ltd has a market share of 56% and is planning to enhance the market share. In this particular situation Xerox India Ltd needs to be aware of the customer's expectations to grab rest of the market.

[...] Building on that experience, in 2002 Xerox began an enterprise wide effort integrating Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing tools and processes into a comprehensive strategy called Xerox Lean Six Sigma. It is a disciplined, data-driven method or reducing waste and variation in processes so levels, speeds and prices that customers value and therefore improve Xerox business results. Dedicated Xerox Lean Six Sigma deployment managers and "Black-Belt"-led projects now exist in every business through out company .XEROX AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Xerox's social responsibility efforts are an extension of the company's belief that a successful corporation must be an active participant in society. [...]

[...] Xerox also has long nurtured the Olympic movement off the playing field, through initiatives such as the Team Xerox Olympian Program, which helps raise funds for athletes and communities .XEROX INDIA LIMITED, HYDERABAD: Overview: Incorporated in 1983, Xerox India Limited (XIL) is a part of Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX), the US $ 15.7 billion, Fortune 500 global document management company. Over the past 20 years, Xerox India has shaped the Document Management industry in India by ushering in the world's best document processing products and bringing innovative value-added concepts to cater to customer needs. [...]

[...] In charging, a uniform electrical charge is deposited on the surface of the photoreceptor. Exposing The exposing process causes the level of electrical charge on the photoreceptor surface to change to correspond with the desired image. After exposure, the electrical charge in areas of the photoreceptor surface which represent the lines, letters, and other forms differs from the charge in the non-image areas. Developing Developing deposits particles of toner 9dry ink0 in the areas of the photoreceptor by first applying a charge to the toner particles. [...]

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