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Adapting Planet Reebok advertisements to suit Europe (2006)

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The sports brand Reebok operates in a highly competitive market. Although the number of competitors is limited (Nike, Adidas and s few other national brands), the battle rages on, especially in terms of marketing communication. Each brand is vying to get the best picture and have the greatest impact on consumers. There is a strong link between brand perception and the market share achieved by the brand.
On this basis, it can be said that Reebok is well positioned on the North American market but lags behind other markets (cf. Figure 1).
At the launch of Europe's Planet Reebok, the brand will face a disunited European market. The brand is positioned differently depending on the country (See: Figure 2: No. 1 in Britain, No. 3 in Germany).Although the concept of this international campaign worked very well in the U.S., the European launch requires critical choices in terms of image and the right way to market their communication. (This differs depending on the country and the target culture.)

Synthetic analysis

Even though the Planet Reebok advertising campaign in the U.S. was successful, it may not be in Europe due to several reasons that are specific to the continent:
o The advertisement that has been issued is too complex for the European eye.
o Planet Reebok commercials carry a different message than that which is intended by the brand.
o The brand perception by Europeans at the launch of Planet Reebok is totally different from the values of Planet Reebok.
o The relevance of the ad campaign of Planet Reebok is also challenged by the diversity of consumer behavior in Europe itself -
?In France, the emphasis on performance is frowned upon.
?In Germany, the next team sport and the technicality of the product are emphasized.
?In the UK, this should be looked at as the next "casual" footwear.

Tags: Planet Reebok advertisements, advertising in the European market, adaptation of Planet Reebok for the European market

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