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Advertising and communication: Create a new HDTV

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  1. Definition of the product
    1. Functions of the product
    2. Opportunity that the product will solve
    3. Name of the brand and name of the product
  2. Reaching your audience
    1. Target audience
  3. Delivering your message
    1. Integrated marketing communication
    2. Selection of media
  4. Way of invest
    1. External investors
    2. Internal investors
  5. Regulatory issues
  6. Final campaign
    1. The logo
    2. The slogan
    3. The product
  7. Conclusion

What could be an interesting product to create is an all integrated HDTV especially for small flat. You don't have a lot of place to put a TV with a DVD player and a stereo system. The idea is quite easy: it is to create a new HDTV with all these elements integrated. You will get a television with a DVD player, a hard drive, a stereo system and wireless connection in order to transfer music and films directly from your computer to your TV.

This special TV will be composed by many elements. I would like to create two kinds of version of this system in order to touch more targets and propose different prices depending on the budget the persons have. So the first one will be on film and music orientated the second one more on game and divertissement for the ?geek?. The last model will have both of these characteristics. Each model will to integrate a box from Internet distributor such as Orange or Free. Thanks to this system you can go on the Internet, download files (I mean legal files of course!!). Secondly, it is interesting to put a 1 terra-octet hard-drive directly in the TV where you can stock many things such as: photos, films, videos you have downloaded on the web, emission of radio or TV you have recorded. What would be an all in one TV without a DVD and Blue Ray disc player? These two kinds of players will be integrated too.

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