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  1. Introduction
  2. Define your product or service
  3. Reaching the audience
  4. Delivering the message
  5. Regulatory Issues
  6. Final Campaign
  7. Conclusion

?In 1950 Mr. Harry Wasylyk invented the familiar green plastic bag. This plastic bag was made of polyethylene. Garbage bags were first used and test in the commercial market, rather than home use-the first bag sold was to Winnipeg general hospital. Union Carbide Company in Lindsay, Who employed Hansen, bought the invention from Wasylyk and Hansen. In 1960 Union Carbide manufactured the first green garbage bags sold for home use. The name is known today as Glad Garbage bags.? Since the garbage bag became a common product essential in everyday life, many different problems were to be solved. Therefore the challenge for the trash bags producer was to solve the problems and bring new opportunities.

Consumers have acquired an environmental awareness and are willing to contribute to a better way of living balanced with the respect of the planet. The place of the garbage bag has always been hidden as it doesn't fit with the design of its surrounding. Our product, the Treend Bag , will solve these problems and bring new opportunities. We will first define our product, by defining its function, the problem and opportunities it solves, and its name and brand. Secondly, we are going to define how we are going to reach our audience by defining our target audience and their drivers. Thirdly, we are going to explain how we are going to deliver the message with what kind of communication strategy and through which media. In the fourth part, we will see the regulatory aspect where our product belongs to. Finally, we will present a complete example of media campaign for our product.

[...] service: What is its function? The function of a common trash bag is to improve household's day by day life. It is essential, and the kind of product any household needs. Indeed placed mainly in the kitchen its function is to receipt the garbage or waste of the day by day consumption. It is also found in the bathrooms, room and bedrooms. As we said it is an essential product. This is the main function of a trash bag. So the companies have to focus on other characteristics and functions that could go along with the main function. [...]

[...] Innovation Intuitive Trend Global Thinking Natural Environmental We came up with this brand name according to the values we have listed above. It emphasis our innovative aspect by keeping in mind the impact we have on the environment in our day by day consumption. In order to choose the name of our product we are going to do a brainstorming. For that we will do a list of nouns, adjectives, and verbs that represent our product and our beliefs and values. [...]

[...] Our product will put the emphasis on the design and the eco-friendly factors. So therefore we can say that the function of our product is to be environmental friendly in the use of the day by day products. And to change the perception of the trash bags by proposing a large sample of colors making the trash bags not something that needs necessarily to be hidden. What problem or opportunity does it solve? As we said above, the trash bags represent one of the main steps in the recyclable process. [...]

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