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Advertising and women: how advertisement has been directed to the US women

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  1. Introduction
  2. Advertising and women
  3. Conclusion

Prior to the Civil War, the life of most US women were influenced by what history commentators refer to us ?the Cult of True Womanhood.? ( Industrialization and other developments generated a shift in work customs, which saw men leaving the home to work in factories, offices and stores. The household become women's space, ?A private, feminized domestic sphere, a ?haven in a heartless world.? ?True women? devoted their lives to creating a clean, comfortable, nurturing home for their husbands and children (ibid). Women took a role as procreator and house-workers. Historically, wars and military conflicts have significantly affected women and their role in society. The civil war would later generate a dramatic shift in the social role played by women. As many historian have pointed out, women have been involved in many military conflicts, either as nurses or directly as part of battalions.

Advertisement has become one of the most significant and easily recognisable feature of today's media industry. It refers to the wide range of ways in which communication is used to persuade the population to behave in a particular way. In the case of commercial advertising, business enterprises attempt to influence buyers to use their products or services, using a number of methods and techniques. Although advertising be can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, it was only around 1990, when advertising became a fully established professional activity (Eskilson, 2007). In this respect, this essay will look at how the role of women was affected by advertising and how females have become the target of commercial and non-commercial advertising.

[...] It is important to consider the role of advertisement as a factor that encouraged women to take male roles. Advertisement became one of the tools of the US government to increase female participation in the war. This led the path to today's society, were women have a very important presence in fields traditionally ?reserved' to men. BIBLIOGRAPHY Bainbridge, Jane (1996). Image makeover for stronger 90s women. Marketing. p7. Baldwin, Cecilia (1999). Sexualized imagery as power in advertising: the development of Self-efficacy in young women. [...]

[...] (1866), History of the United States Sanitary Commission, Being the General Report of Its Work during the War of the Rebellion, Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co. Wagner, Louis C. and Janis B. Banos (1973), "A Women's Place: A Follow-up Analysis of the Roles Portrayed by Women in Magazine Advertisements," Journal of Marketing Research, 10, 213- 214. WW2: the role of women in the Second World War - Telegraph women-in-the- Second-World-War.html Wortzel L. H. and J. M. Frisbie (1974) ?Women's Role Portrayal Preferences in Advertisements: An Empirical Study'. Journal of Marketing Vol. 38, No. 4 (Oct., 1974), pp. [...]

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