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Aircraft Cabin Load

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  1. Introduction
  2. Why carriers are concerned with both weight and capacity of an aircraft?
  3. Why might a larger shipment (Styrofoam Cups) cost more to ship than a more dense shipment even if they weigh the same?
  4. How can customers and providers both benefit from a better understanding of Aircraft Cabin Load?
  5. How Aircraft Cabin Load is calculated and how it influences pricing?
  6. Conclusion

Aircraft Cabin Load is the maximum load that can be carried by an individual sortie during a given flight. Aircraft cabins are configured according to the load that they are made to carry. Passenger aircrafts can be re-configured to carry cargo by removal of the seats; however, this raises safety questions. Safety is the main factor of concern when dealing with weight and capacity of the aircraft. Weight standards of the loads to be carried by aircrafts are used for load and trim sheet purposes. These standards are provided by the regulatory authority that has made the flight. It is also the one that issues the Air Operator Certificate. The weight of the aircraft also determines the volume that it carries and the amount of fuel that it consumes. Carriers are concerned with the reduction of weights to boost capacity and reduce the consumption of fuel so as to reduce costs significantly (Ginger, 2013). The weight is dependent on the weight of the load that it carries. The energy required per flight depends on the load factor and the distance travelled from one destination to the other.

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