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  1. Overview
    1. Field of business activity
    2. Number of Employees
    3. Turnover - net income for 2005 and forecast for 2006
    4. Main Products
  2. Organization of the Company
    1. Chart with the names of officers
    2. Organizational structure of the company

Since the creation of, it has succeeded on the basis of the sale of books, making it like the largest shopping mall of the online world. In spite of the bursting of the dotcom bubble in 1999 and 2000 and the running costs, has been able to manage to continue its development on a global level.

This paper will carry out an analysis of the strategic actions of After having studied the competing structure of the market, its players, it will study the company through the SWOT analysis. Then it will consider the strategic operations of with its recommendations. Finally it will analyze the tendencies and the stakes of this market as well as an actualization and then a financial analysis.

In the e-retail, field of activity in which mainly operates ,several information products are sold like, books, video / DVD, Music,Toys / Video, Software packages, electronic equipment, homeequipment, exchanges and auctions .

Individuals are primarily the biggest buyers and they can also sell their products through the Internet auction sites devoted to it specifically (eg Ebay), businesses are also coducted on the Internet , such as sale of products or services and even financial services. Sites that specialize in Internet sales also use e-commerce mainly to the provision of online application.

Changes in technology is such that it has assisted in a resurgence of retail sites. Competition has increased, especially in areas where the site is a platform for distance selling, such as segments of e-retail. The e-access and e-content have been taken over by new companies, but also by existing companies,such as telephony companies.

These providers include search engines in their offerings.So in the areas of computer maintenance and financial services the competitive advantage is as high as the possibilities are great, especially in e-trading, where the advice is of premium quality, and e-security because the growth of software piracy, threatens the online payment.

From 1995 to 2000, several measures have been taken to increase book sales in the U.S. market. There are more and more large areas of the book market such as book super stores and book sellers. Publishers accelerate new releases, and they release on an average of 50,000 new titles a year.

There is also a growing number of sites for online bookstores(e-book selling) with the emergence of the Internet. Despite these measures, the book market in the United States is experiencing a very slight decrease of 5.4% from 1990 to 1995 to 4.8% from 1995 to 2000. In 1995, there were only a dozen e-booksellers in the U.S. book market.

The first pure player (company that sells on the Internet) as a bookseller is with over 500,000 titles in its catalog. From 1995 to 1997, retail chains and specialized generalists begin to sell their books on the net so there is an emergence of e-book selling.

Competition is particularly strong in this market that publishers are partnering with search engines (Google, Yahoo) and therefore their catalogs are available to all users who pass through these search engines. As a result, users can directly order from publishers rather than through intermediaries such as

Tags:, online book sales, strategy analysis

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