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AMD: A Customer-centric approach to innovation

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  1. Introduction
  2. AMD's past and prospective growth
  3. Differentiating to increase market shares
  4. Conclusion and recommendations

This report focuses on the microprocessor manufacturer AMD's current and future positioning on the processor market. It first analyzes AMD's prospective growth: Could the company's success in servers be leveraged to other segments? Then, it analyzes the competition with Intel: will Intel's new product plans hamper AMD's growth plans? Finally, after analyzing AMD's positioning with the Power Campaign, the report explains how the company tries to build a competitive advantage with a customer-centric approach: will it yield commercially viable innovations that are dramatically different than those Intel will develop?

[...] Accessed on October the Implementing a customer-centric approach to differentiate For Hector Ruiz, COE of AMD in 2007, a customer-centric strategy consists in ?solving a customer problem or address a specific need?9. It is about listening carefully to what customers say about the product, how they would improve it. Actually, what must be understood by ?customer-centric approach? is the fact that customers are not just at the end of the value chain of a company. Customers are rather vital core element without which the business would not exist?, as explained in the report ?Customer-Centric approach?, a project published by Anirudh Singhania, CEO of Softnet Solutions (available at [...]

[...] Thanks to its ?Intel Inside? campaign, Intel was indeed known by both manufacturers and end users, and its image was everywhere on the AMD, Intel post solid Q3 results; now for the hard part. Accessed on Connect: th Accessed on October the From A customer-centric approach to innovation? by Elie Ofek and Lauren Barley, published on January Page page page page computing market (ads, Intel Inside logo . Thanks to this marketing campaign, Intel managed to ?persuade end-users of the processor's importance in the computer purchase decision?6. [...]

[...] As a result, we can consider that apart from being constantly aware of the environment's changes and required innovations, AMD's strategy has to focus on three main axes: Improving the brand awareness among endusers Improving the brand awareness among OEMs Implementing a customer-centric approach to differentiate from Intel and to insist on AMD's specific positioning 1. Developing the network with PC manufacturers All along the years, AMD tried to build strong partnerships with OEMs to ensure its microprocessors will be implemented in PCs' architectures. [...]

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