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An analysis of the company ABC

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  1. Introduction
  2. Basic visual components
  3. Alan Sekula's arguement against the myth of universal photographic truth
  4. Nikki Lee's process behind the series of projects
  5. Typical image of Lee's Senior's project
  6. Views of the article [ti]The Directorial Mode[ti]
  7. The presence of the Hitchcock poster
  8. Conclusion
  9. Bibliography

ABC Company is one of the publicly listed companies that comprise the Dow Jones Composite, Dow Industrials, S&P 100, S&P 500 & S&P 1500 Super Comp. The company provides ?various products, technologies, software, solutions, and services worldwide? (Yahoo Finance 2008). ABC Company offers a very diverse products and services, some of these are presented in the product segments below:
?Enterprise Storage and Servers - provides storage and server products in industry standard servers, business critical systems, and StorageWorks offerings;
?Services segment offers a portfolio of multi vendor IT services, such as technology, consulting and integration, and outsourcing services;
?Software segment offers a suite of business technology optimization software solutions comprising support that allow customers to manage and automate their IT infrastructure, operations, applications, IT services, and business processes. This segment also delivers a suite of carrier-grade software platforms for developing and deploying voice, data, and converged services to network and service providers;
?Personal Systems Group segment provides a line of personal computers (PCs) consisting of commercial PCs, consumer PCs, workstations, handheld computing devices, digital entertainment systems, calculators and other related accessories, and software and services for the commercial and consumer markets;
?Imaging and Printing Group segment offers inkjet printers, digital photography and entertainment products, laserjet printers, graphics and imaging, and printer supplies;
?Financial Services segment provides leasing, financing, and utility programs; asset recovery services; and financial asset management services for enterprise customers, as well as an array of specialized financial services to small-and medium-sized businesses, and educational and governmental entities? (Yahoo Finance 2008).

[...] Ng emphasized the urgency of transforming an organization into an innovative one to be not victim of unplanned obsolescence? (2004, p. 93). Works Cited Agyris, C. and Schon, D Organization learning II: theory, method, and practice. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley. Albert, M ?Managing Change at HP Lab: Perspectives for Innovation, Knowledge Management and Becoming a Learning Organization', The Business Review, Cambridge, vol no pp. 17-22. Annual Report 2007. Hewlett-Packard. Anonymous fast turnaround at Hewlett-Packard; Quick, easy wins or long-term promise?', Strategic Direction, vol no p Armstrong, A. [...]

[...] 25) An analysis of the publicly available information for ABC Company, it is apparent that its main generic strategy if focus. According to the matrix below, there are two focus strategies: focused low cost provider strategy and focused differentiation strategy. ABC Company employs the latter. Based on the above model and on the analysis of its competitors, ABC Company has a pressing need to set itself apart from its competitors who virtually offer the same services and charging the same prices. [...]

[...] Reality of human resource management and organizational behavior is that there will always be someone who doesn't fit the culture of the company and hence, need to be let go. The proper and correct identification of employees to be developed is as important as the design of the company's development program. It has become a strategic necessity for most, if not all, businesses to maintain a balance between innovation and discipline in their organizational cultures. The environment business organizations operate in is very dynamic. [...]

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