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An analysis on Disney

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  1. Company overview
  2. Competitive analysis
  3. SWOT analysis
  4. The Porter's model
    1. Client's bargaining power
    2. Supplier's bargaining power
    3. Threat of potential new entrants
    4. Threat of substitute products
    5. Rivalry among existing competitors

Disney Corporation was founded 87 years ago. It is an international company specialized in entertainment and media. Today, Disney is the biggest company in the world in this field. It is involved in the entertainment, media, tourism, and leisure fields. It also contributes in the distribution of other productions. In the beginning, the company was an entertainment studio, which had considerable success thanks to the Mickey Mouse program. It then developed other activities. It is now composed of 4 strategic business units: - Studio entertainment: this SBU is composed of cinema, music and theater divisions. Motion pictures are distributed by Disney under Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone pictures, Hollywood Pictures and Miramax Films. - Consumer products: this SBU is in charge of the merchandising and develop many products based on the Disney brand. Disney Publishing worldwide is the leader in the children's book publication sector. Moreover Disney owns an official shopping portal. - Parks and resorts: it runs the theme parks and holiday resorts business. These places are dedicated to make "dreams come true". - Media networks: it gathers all the entities involved in promotion and advertising in the media sector: television, internet, radio, newspapers etc.

[...] : million $ - Media networks : million $ - Interactive media : 712 million $ - Competitive analysis Disney faces competition, not only in the media and television sector, but also in alternative forms of leisure and entertainment. CBS Corporation is an international mass media conglomerate which operates in broadcasting, publishing, television, radio, advertising, merchandising and motion pictures. Its revenue in 2008 was of 13.9 billion Most of its operations are limited to the USA. News Corp. (Fox, MySpace, and New York Post) is the world largest media conglomerate after the Disney World Company. [...]

[...] They need to appeal to a targeted community, based on factors like human resources or transport. Suppliers can influence the profit of Disney, by affecting the time of the shipment, the price and the quality of the product Threat of potential new entrants New entrants are influenced by entry barriers, the initial investment (like financial investments), and patents. They have to respect standards, cultures and the heritage of the company. The image of the industry is very strong and old and it's hard to take up the challenge. [...]

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