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An overview of JetBlue Airways

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  1. Introduction
  2. Motivation and leadership
    1. Motivating crew members
    2. David Neeleman's ideas on leadership
  3. Organizational environment and human resources
    1. An organizational environment based on 4 main points
  4. Planning
  5. Decision making
  6. Group and communication
  7. Organizational structure, control and culture
  8. Conclusion

JetBlue is quickly becoming one of the best examples of a succeeding business because of excellent costumer service. David Neeleman, pronounced (Nee ? Le ? Man), has been able to build one of the top grossing airlines in just 6 short years. This airline has been built around the idea that the customer always comes first and that if you treat an employee well then they will perform better, this all stems from their values and ideas to ?bring the humanity back to air travel?. Although these are simple concepts Mr. Neeleman has been able to incorporate them so well in how he runs JetBlue that now he is becoming a known expert on the subject. His employees are not called employees they are all ?Crew-Members? from the pilot to the reservationists they are all referred to as crew-member.

His ideas of motivation and leadership are inspiring and his style is shown most directly by what he does for his crew-members. The organizational environment of JetBlue is felt the minute you call 1-800-JetBlue and the experience doesn't end until you leave one of the 77 Airbus A320 aircraft.

[...] JetBlue has their own vocabulary to accomplish this and maintain the elevated image within its own organization; employees are crew members who can have their needs met in the ?people' department rather than in HR, all crew members are part of a JetBlue city where good citizenship is cultivated, Captain's are To accomplish superb customer service: passengers are customers, overbooking is a sin, food carts are obsolete, and crew members help load customers baggage, and customers are awarded a free ticket in the True-blue program as a thank you rather than accumulating unredeemable, intangible or inconvenient air miles that was sold as an up charge many have buyers remorse over. [...]

[...] Every measurable piece of raw data and ever incident is recorded in the JetBlue Event Manager that converts this data into useful ratio's which managers has instant access to on their Black Berry's and use to increase their decision making ability on the fly. Group and Communication The company has long observed several practices that help keep it on track. For instance, numerous regularly scheduled weekly meetings monitor specific areas of operational performance, including baggage handling, the length of check in lines and on-time performances. [...]

[...] JetBlue's Organizational Culture and Values are focused on its employees representing the company. CEO Neeleman's credo is every employee being an ambassador for the brand, don't tell the customer you can't do it or you don't have it, you do everything humanly possible to make it happen?. JetBlue is a different kind of airline that is younger, fresher and more innovative. They continue to look at creative ways to reduce the hassles of flying and simplify the travel experience. With no ridiculous promises of ?self-actualization? onboard, no exorbitant airfare, no cattle-train mentality [...]

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