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Analysis of the activity and strategies of the airports of Paris

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  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of the European Central Bank
  3. Overview of the US Federal Reserve
  4. Monetary policies implemented by both organizations
  5. Conclusion

Airports of Paris are the world leaders among the airport groups in Europe in terms of turnover (1.9 billion euros) and passenger traffic (78.7 million). It has been ranked second in handling passenger traffic and first for freights and mails in Europe.

For having handled about 78.7 million passengers in 2005, Airports of Paris has been ranked second in the European airport groups with London being the first. It has been ranked the sixth in the world, preceded by London, New York, Chicago, Tokyo and Atlanta in the first five positions.

The activity at the airport is divided into divisions such as: airport services, stopover activity and services, and other activities. Airport Services is an important revenue generating segment. Its area of operation is via the three principal airports of the Paris region: Paris Charles de Gaulle, Paris Orly and Paris Le Bourget.

The various sources of revenue for this airport are: fees for rendered services (aeronautical fees and ancillary fees). They are paid by the airline companies and the companies that handle ground services during a stopover.

The revenue is generated based on criteria like the number of passengers at the beginning, the number of movements of planes and their departures and arrivals, or according to the use of the infrastructure (parking of planes, luggage, sites of recording, buildings, terminals, etc.).

Other sources of revenue also include commercial receipts, i.e. receipts of the car parks or rents paid by the stores on sites, receipts of the industrial services i.e. income generated from the supply of services like heating, air-conditioning, running water and collection of waste water, or even electricity, airport taxes, collected by the State and transferred through the ADP for missions of general interest.

The company has almost one million square meters off floor space that is marketable, with almost three-quarters leased to outside third parties. These are assets for support of airport operations (hangar), real estate business, or services to customers like hotels and shops.

Other activities include the marketing know-how of the group in terms of planning, management and training in the airport area.

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