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Analysis of the e-business strategy used at Picard Surgeles

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  1. Preliminary Features
  2. The human toll
  3. Political risk
  4. The real economy: Economics and Debt
  5. Economic Policy
  6. The external accounts and debt

Picard Surgeles or Picard Frozen foods is a French company that was founded by Raymond Picard in 1906. This company is France's leading frozen foods specialist. It is both a manufacturer and distributor of frozen foods. It has about 1000 products on offer, and a distribution network of 800 stores throughout the country.

Picard also has stores abroad, in countries like Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg. Picard has been providing home delivery service to its customers in forty counties since 27 July 2000. It delivers the products after taking orders over the phone or through its website It offers its entire catalog online. The creation of a website with the catalog was a very strategic move.

The company's strategy was to increase its proximity with its customers and to treat each customer as a privileged client. Picard has been trying new things to retain customers and to attract new customers in order to increase its customer base.

Picard has been trying to create a transactional website, which can also present products to the customers. This site is supposed to attract new customers. The company has been into home delivery and distance selling for a long time now. Internet just provided another medium for the company to reach its customers efficiently and crush competition.

Picard was also a part of the Carrefour company at the time of creation of the site. A large advertising campaign had been put in place, since the creation of the site, for the company to develop its internet presence. Besides the 'word of mouth' marketing strategy that Picard uses, the company has also been sending monthly newsletters to its customers since 2005.

Apart from advertising on news sites and portals, the company has also tried to maintain its reputation by adding new contents to the website. A database of about 400 recipes has been added to the site along with information on current promotions. Practical information on the stores was also added to the site's contents.

Picard also focuses on customer relations. Two people are dedicated to manage the e-mails written by customers. Their job involves answering the customer's queries in a personalized way. An institutional site, for Picard, was created by the agency, Modernis Lux, in March 2005. Picard's strategy now, is to update this site as often as possible, not only to retain customers, but also to attract new customers.

It is essential to choose a simple domain name, for the domain name has to be easy to remember and especially to broadcast. These domains were chosen wisely, as they are not complicated or too long, they are easy to pronounce, and they finally have a meaning. Thus, a visitor will come back more easily on a site whose name is easier to remember than a site whose name is extremely complicated. In addition, a well chosen domain name by word of mouth will encourage and allow the site to gain popularity quickly.

Also, the company Picard with an existing brand equity will try logically to enjoy its reputation by keeping the name. It makes sense for the company to want to simply reuse the name because users tend to try addresses intuitively that are related to the name of the company. Finally, these domain names can give a touch of professionalism and credibility to websites, and give the user a stronger sense of confidence.

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