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Analysis of Print Advertisements and Packaging of Toys

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  1. Outline
  2. If advertisements carry gender connotations
  3. If the above is true, if gender connotations is being portrayed in the print advertisement and packaging of toys of the advertised products
  4. Whether these gender patterns do affect human personalities
  5. Conclusion

We are delving into the analysis of print ads and packaging of toys. I intend to use content analysis method. This method objectively analyses whatever content you are trying to scrutinize in mass communication. I normally use content analysis method when trying to in the analysis of newspaper, magazine, internet, radio and television adverts. This method is also be used in the analysis of the subjective nature of the content of these adverts as explained by Graneheim & Lundman (2003). I intend to use various visual examples of toy adverts, website references, magazines, books and select sources to illustrate my point.

As a background, Goldstein (2003) found that playing with toys from the age of 18 months had a relation to the child's intelligence at the age of three. 40 separate studies concluded that playing increase a child's early development by 33%. Playing with toys does play a role in shaping children's gender development. Unfortunately, this is used in a way that what they prefer to play with is used to measure their gender development.

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