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Apple's marketing strategy

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  1. Presentation of PPR and Puma
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For a long time, the products from Apple were not highlighted in advertisements in France. Launching its new product, the MacBook Air, enabled the brand to connect to the people in France again. Billed as the world's thinnest computer, the MacBook Air has helped Apple in rebuilding its brand name.

Apple is trying to strengthen its corporate image in France. An advertisement that was recently filmed shows the new Apple computer fitting into an envelope. The idea that Apple wants to convey through this advertisement is that the new computer is small, simple and user friendly.

In general, Apple is known worldwide for its ability to sell its products to teenagers. The main reason for this popularity stems from the fact that Apple designs products tailored to the needs of young people, such as with the iPhone or iPod.

The brand launched its products as original and personal, leaving the choice to customers to customize as they wish (with shells, the choice of colors, etc). These are elements that are important to youth.Apple has managed to create a real community around its products. Word-of-mouth is very fast regarding Apple products. Information is disseminated in depth on the market, thanks to this network.

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