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Becton Dickinson Company

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  1. Introduction
  2. Becton Dickinson history
  3. Business segments
  4. The purpose of BD is based on
  5. Warehouses & Distribution Centers
  6. Conclusion

We have had the opportunity to have a presentation by Jerome Monnot about the BD Company. He has presented us the business of the company and its core value. He has also explained us how the supply chain works for a medical technology company. In this report, I will present you the business of BD and the supply chain. BD is a American medical technology company. The company provides healthcare institutions like Hospital and clinical laboratories, life science researchers and public industry. The company doesn't sell medicine but BD manufactures and sells several ranges of medical supplies, laboratory equipment and diagnostic products. BD was created in 1897 by Maxwell W. Becton and Fairleigh S. Dickinson. The same year, the two businessmen sold a Luer all glass syringes at 2.50$. Then, the company acquired its first patent for a medical product. In 1904, the company acquired the Philadelphia Surgical Company. Thanks at this acquisition and the next ones, BD expanded its manufacturing ability and products offering. Two years later, BD built a manufacturing in the State of New Jersey and has created a specific production of thermometers, hypodermic and syringes. In 1906, the company has introduced in the market the BD ?Yale Luer lok syringes. This new method provided a simple and secure way of attaching and removing the needle to and from the syringe. Today, Luer Lok is use as standard for the syringe in the United States.

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