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Best Stuff Case

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  1. Introduction
  2. The need for an IT infrastructure
  3. Store manger: Deciding what to order
  4. The CEO of the company
  5. Supporting the CEO
  6. Breach of security at Best Stuff
  7. Conclusion

Here is an excerpt from the Best Stuff Case:

Because with a good CRM system, even if there are 100 stores with a thousand sales people, information will move through fast and with less contradictions. This will allow every sales member and the people at headquarters to know the best products and the best way to sell them.

[...] Then list the technologies that Best Stuff would need to support an commerce initiative and what it does. Technologies What it does http address This is your address, the way one would find your website. Browser Give you internet access. You need internet access to maintain your site, and to boost it on the server. server This is the web based program that displays products. If Best Stuff went on-line how would you recommend hosting the site and why? What kinds of information at Best Stuff especially need to be kept secure and why? [...]

[...] You can call another location so you would need to know where is and how many are available. What way does the information need to be presented and what type(s) of software are needed to most effectively support this decision? 4. Consider the CEO of the company trying to track and understand if the revenue goal for the quarter is going to be met. What information does he/she need to make a good decision and when and where would this information be originally captured? [...]

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