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Boeing vs. Airbus

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  1. The aircraft industry
  2. Airbus and Boeing activities
    1. Mission
    2. Objectives
    3. Means ? What are Boeing and Airbus activities?
  3. Comparison of the strategic positioning of Airbus Company and Boeing
    1. The strategy of Airbus
    2. The strategy of Boeing

The aircraft industry consists in the building and the manufacture of aircrafts according to several standards and rules from government bodies. There are two types of aviation: the military and the civil. There is a high level of competitiveness because only two builders, Boeing and Airbus, have the ability to manufacture big aircrafts.
The military aviation industry uses aircrafts in order to conduct warfare. We can find a high variety of aircrafts like logistical cargo which provide supplies, or bombers, fighters, and reconnaissance aircrafts. The aircraft industry provides different models of aircrafts to answer each military need.
Civil aviation is the non military aviation (both private and commercial). There are two major categories in this segment: the scheduled air transport (all passenger and cargo flights operating on regularly-scheduled routes); and the general aviation (other private or commercial flights). A lot of countries all over the word have become members of the International Civil Aviation Organization in order to establish standards and practices. We thus find four types of aircrafts. The bestsellers are the mono-corridor aircrafts that represent about 60% of the sales. The second category is the long-haul which is destined for specific travel: the Atlantic crossing. The very long-haul represents the second most important market after the mono-corridor and deals with flights between the continents. Lastly, freighters like Boeing 747 or A 380 can transport more than 400 passengers.

[...] The company is known for its technological innovations Airbus states that its mission is to ?create the best and safest aircraft? Objectives To carry out this mission in the aircraft industry, Boeing has established objectives which include offering products and services based on ?superior design, efficiency and value?. Boeing devotes its activity to becoming the leader in the sector. Boeing's objectives are based in the long-term, and are future-oriented. Moreover, the company sets customer knowledge and large-scale system integration by outsourcing. [...]

[...] Comparison of the strategic positioning of Airbus Company and Boeing The strategy of Airbus The company's main long-term goal is to reach profitability by pursuing the development of a family of high quality products on the one hand, and continue to control half the world market for commercial air transportation on the other. In order to limit air traffic, Airbus plans to increase the number of passengers per aircraft (about 650 people) to reduce the number of flights. Owing to this, Airbus [...]

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