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Brand Building and Line Management at BIC

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  1. Basic conditions
  2. Market structure
    1. Market
    2. The strategies
    3. Government Policy
  3. Behavior
  4. Performance and policy
  5. Conclusion

A strategy is a combination of means and actions used to achieve certain goals against certain opponents. The word strategy has a military origin and connotation. The Greeks used this word for the first time in the war field. They used the word 'strategists' to describe the generals.

In the sphere of marketing, direct or indirect competitors to a business are called opponents.A company must either be in competition or conflict with its competitors in order to achieve its goals. Hence, the decision that the company makes in order to survive the competition or conflict can rightly be called strategic.

The company BIC must also implement strategies to differentiate itself from its competitors and gain market shares. In this report, it will look at the different strategies implemented by BIC as part of this study. This will help to understand how BIC has been able to maintain the leading position in certain ranges of products and as to why it faces a challenge in certain other areas.

This study will focus primarily on stationery, lighters and razors, which are the three main products offered by the company BIC Sport. Without the implementation of strategies, a company cannot distinguish itself from its competitors. Additionally, it must constantly innovate to meet the customer's demands, win market shares globally and maintain its leading position.

Marcel Bich, a former production manager in a ink factory resumes work in 1945 with Edward Buffard at a plant near Paris. The plant manufactured parts for fountain pens and mechanical pencils. The latter finds a real potential: the ballpoint pen of good quality at affordable prices.

In 1950, Marcel Bich launched his pen on the European market by calling it "BIC", shortened version, and easy to remember his own name. BIC in order to conquer international markets beyond Europe opened a subsidiary in Brazil in 1956.

Bich took the opportunity to launch over there a tractable ball point pen, the M10 in the same year. In 1958, seeing the global potential in the production of ballpoint pens, Marcel Bich began the conquest of the North American market and bought the "Waterman Pen Company" in Seymour Connecticut. At the same time, BIC developed in Africa and the Middle East, then in 1965 in Japan.

In 1979, BIC acquired the French company Conte, specializing in pencil /markers, and Tabur Marine, boat manufacturer as the BIC Marine. A few years later, it launched its first model of wind surfing. In 1985, BIC became BIC Sport Marine.

The 2000s were characterized by strengthening its international presence by opening another an ultra modern plant of writing instruments in Marne La Vallee and the launch of new stationery products, lighters and razors (including by engaging in the market for women's razors) and the BIC Sport kayak.

The objective is to increase the geographical location and to provide consumers with more upscale products at a fair price. In addition the products are progressively county under the name BIC Kids. In 2004, BIC acquired Stypen, a manufacturer of fountain pens, to extend its product range in the market for stationery.

Tags: BIC- history and evolution of the company, brand building and line management at BIC

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