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Brand management : Dior

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  1. General presentation
    1. Presentation of Dior
    2. The competitors
    3. Brand identity, image and position
  2. The perfume ?Dior home intense?
    1. Description of the perfume bottle and the advertising
    2. Meaning of colors
    3. The 8Ps
    4. Target audience
  3. Effective marketing strategy
    1. Why the company choose Robert Pattinson?
    2. Why customers buy it ?
    3. Advertising objectives and position
  4. Conclusion

Perfumes Christian Dior is a company created after the war in 1947 by Marcel Boussac using the patronymic of the fashion designer Christian Dior. Dior is one of the world's top fashion houses. The brand belongs to the group Louis-Vuitton Moët and Chandon. (LVMH). Within 20 years LVMH became the world leader of the luxury.

His main competitors are: Chanel, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Versace, Prada, etc. The perfume is a very expanding market, which is frequently renewed, indeed, 400 - 500 new perfumes go out every year. Even if there are many perfume brands, they belong generally to groups (LVMH, Procter and Gamble). Perfume Dior has not much threat of the new incomers, because it is today very difficult to impose a new brand, and to compete in front of leading brands.

The brand has fundamental values, which are never compromised to increase sales. The fundamental values of Dior are the constant innovation, the performance, the quality of products, and a very constructed communication.

Concerning the innovation, Dior has a creative brand image. Dior proposes regularly new perfumes, this guaranteed a dynamic brand image. Dior has the image of elegant, classic, trendy, luxury brand. To preserve this image Dior uses only reputable photographers with large reputations used, such as Nan Goldinet and Romain Gavras.

About the brand position, Dior is high-end product, it's for high-end consumer group and for the consumers who chase high-end product. These consumer groups spread all over the world.

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