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Brasserie Duyck

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  1. Context.
  2. Structure of the market.
  3. The Duyck niche strategy.
  4. The product line.
  5. The consumer.
  6. Consumer perception.
  7. 4 P analysis of the launch strategy.
  8. Bibliography.

This article is about studying the case of the Duyck breweries, a company that is four generations old and that is leading the tradition relentlessly free on the French beer Market. The Duyck brewery is one of the remaining independent local breweries that try to survive at the end of the 20th century. Indeed, the tendency during this century has been the drastic reduction of the number of breweries in France, due to the apparition of international companies that have a completely different strategy, trying to acquire the different leading brands in the significant markets. There were 2827 breweries in France in 1910 according to appendix 1, 23 in 1976. Recently, an explosion of the microbreweries raised this number to more than 100. In this context, Duyck has to compete aggressively, proposing constantly new ways of promoting its products.

[...] This number is very high, and shows that the impact of the name Jenlain on the consumer is much more important than the impact of Sebourg or Fraiche de l'Aunelle. It's quite stunning that almost all the company is living on this brand, and others are gadgets in term of image. Maybe the use of the image of Jenlain should be used to promote the other products. Changing the names and adding the name ?Jenlain? could be an asset. I think that the launch of a new product should absolutely use the image Jenlain. [...]

[...] to neighbour countries like Spain ( 77.1 Germany ( 130.6 or Belgium ( 99.2 Duyck obviously doesn't care about these figures, given its size. But these enormous differences can be an advantage. In fact, considering these figures, people from the three leading companies are probably projecting to establish an advertisement campaign that will benefit to the market in general. Duyck cannot have any influence on these social differences, and it can only survive by maintaining a successful niche strategy. The Duyck niche strategy The Duyck niche strategy is based on its historical tradition and its geographical implantation. [...]

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