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Brazilian beer merger negotiations

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  1. Introduction
  2. Definition of different notions
  3. Global situation
    1. Antarctica
    2. Brahma
    3. Soft drink market: potential growth
    4. The merger
  4. Share of share transaction
  5. Summary, proposition and recommendations
  6. Personal conclusion
  7. Bibliography

International firms are more and more dealing with an International orientation by developing the business in new emerging markets and consolidating the loyal ones. In order to be effective, they have to control many elements in the same time: accountancy, human resources or sales department are really important in each company's organization. In order to develop their activities, firms have different choices: they can expand activities around the world by different ways such as opening new subsidiaries in new countries, or send local agents which are going to develop the market alone.

What we are going to see in our case is merger and acquisition of firm or how two companies can combine their forces in order to be able to penetrate new markets and get new customers. In some case it represents many opportunities for the firm which is acquired: a way to restart its business, get fresh cash and the knowledge of another company. The main difficulty it represents is how it is possible to create synergy between people from different horizon. We will see the limit of this system and the problem which could be created too.

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