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British Airways - case study

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case study
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  1. Analysing BA
    1. Mission & vision of BA
    2. External factors
    3. Internal factors
    4. SWOT analysis
    5. PORTER'S five forces analysis
  2. BA's strategy
    1. Context
    2. Strategic choices
    3. Strategic implementation
  3. Future scenarios of business environment
    1. Glory future
    2. Environmental problems
    3. Economical and political problems
    4. Economical, political and environmental problems
    5. The most likely evolution
  4. Strategy recommendations
    1. High quality
    2. Green technology investment
    3. Fuel price
    4. Security
    5. Debts

In today's world, characterized by millions of people who have the necessity and the desire to move as quickly as possible from one side of the globe to the other, the sector of the air transports obviously plays a major role of primary importance, being one of the world ?s biggest industries and creating a revenue of $ 375 billion. The services offered by this kind of industry have encouraged the exports, the investments (Foregin direct investments) in other countries, the tourism and have enabled standardization among the countries accelerating the globalization process. British Airways is one of the first companies to operation in the air transportation sector. In fact, it came into being after the World War I in the period of the civil aviation. As a matter of fact, British Airways executed the first international trade between London and Paris in 1919.

[...] Our strategic recommendations that we will develop in this point are: high quality, green technology investment, fuel price, security and debts High quality For most of the different scenarios that we developed in the part three of this work, costumers that will remain interesting for British Airways are always the high class passages. In case of major environmental problems, the price of traveling will increase due to oil or carbon taxes. Therefore, the customers who will continue traveling will be the business and the rich travelers. [...]

[...] British Airways is in second position regarding the international flights. However, BA does not appear when we include the domestic flights. Source: IATA WATS (World Air Transport Statistics) 2005 This second table lists the ten top airlines according to their revenue drawn from the passenger and freight transportation. Considering only internationally, Lufthansa remains number one, whereas BA looses its second position. Nevertheless, when we take in consideration domestic flights, BA appears in the list, that he did not in the table above. [...]

[...] Oneworld alliance ?Oneworld is a global alliance that brings together ten of the world's biggest and best airlines all committed to providing world-class service and value.?13 Oneworld includes alliances with several airlines across the world such as: American Airlines: (the biggest single airline in the world), British Airways (the leading international airline), QANTAS (one of Australia's strongest brands), Cathay Pacific Airways (Asian airlines), Iberia (the top carrier between Europe and Latin America), LAN lone star in the South American Finnair (the major airline in Northern Europe), Japan Airlines (one of the top airlines in the world), etc. [...]

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