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Building an ethical organization

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  1. Introduction
  2. Ethical organization
  3. How to build?
  4. Mission and clients
  5. Conclusion

Our mission is to help our clients remain in their own homes safely, and as independently as possible. We put our clients' safety and physical and mental state first. These clients may have had issues which made them have to make tough choices in the past, but our mission is to provide care in the meantime so they no longer have to decide to make these choices. Our staff is made up of volunteers and a few paid positions and will never ask clients for their services. We care about our client physical and mental well-being and want them to live as normal lives as possible without the worry of needing some extra care.

So that you better understand our mission I will provide an example of what we do: A client has a care giver who comes in the morning and evening. The care giver leaves and during those hours he or she is gone the client has an issue come up.

I will use my above example of bathroom issues. The client cannot get to the bathroom and has an accident, in the past they would have had to call in their care giver meaning that they in turn would have to have an early dinner and have the care giver put them to bed before he or she left no matter what time of day it was so that they would not go over the allowed hours by the state. This is what we are here to do In The Meantime provides care in times such as this so the clients can ease their minds over things we take for granted every day.

[...] Thank you so kindly for choosing us as your friend in a time of need. Our saying here at In the meantime is is not about counting up what you do, but rather making what you do count.? References Forutne 500. (2012, September 27). Retrieved from Mission Statements . com: Gottlieb, H. (2008, Feburuary 18) Statements That Can Change the World: Mission / Vision / Values. Retrieved from Help 4 Nonprofits: 3_Statements_That_Can_Change_the_World.pdf Heathfield, S. M. (2012). Build a Strategic Framework Through Strategic Planning. [...]

[...] We here at In the Meantime know what we are doing is ethically and morally the correct thing to do. These persons, our clients would no longer remain in their own homes because of the needs they have if we did not provide them with the services we offer. We feel the need to help our clients remain in their own home to have as normal of lives as they can possibly have without fear of the ?what if's? happening in their lives. [...]

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