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Business communication in Germany

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  1. Introduction
  2. General information
  3. Characteristic of non-verbal communication
  4. Business protocol
  5. Business communication
  6. Final summary
  7. List of figures

With the globalization, companies are more and more called upon to communicate with each other, including abroad. Increasingly people are forced (either by choice or because of their profession) to go to work abroad, often in a country where they do not know codes, culture, language and lifestyle. However, expatriate themselves offers advantages but also many constraints. Indeed, each country draws its modes of communication of its origin, its history and its culture. When you arrive in a foreign company with a different culture, it is necessary to learn and understand its values, codes and culture in order to adapt as quickly as possible to this new environment. Each of you comes from a different country with a different culture and different communication modes. However, you have several things in common. You are all working in a company in which you share values but want to familiarize yourself with the communication modes and codes of German companies. This is what we will try to teach you in this report.

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