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Business game

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The "Business Game" is an educational tool for the discovery and use of knowledge, skills, life skills related to the company, concretely, fun and interactive. This educational tool is based on software modeling a competitive environment and the action of companies in this environment. The companies in question are managed by the participants in the educational activity, grouped into teams competing.

The pedagogical principle is immersion virtual participants in a competitive environment, as a manager of a company. The learner becomes a participant of the training, since it is central to the cycle decisions: he analyzes, he decides, he acts, he finds the results, and sails into a new cycle. This iterative process of "learning by doing".

The business game allows participants a unique experience through a real scenario, including teamwork, with all that that entails: division of labor, delivery of emergency work, etc. common strategic decisions.
The objective of the business game is clearly to allow the participant to become an actor of his training, not just a spectator.

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