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Business plan: the luxurious Gold Star Restaurant

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WWe are a 4 star restaurant that also enjoys a 2-star rating in the Michelin Guide; this proves that we are actually a luxurious restaurant with dishes that are renowned for their quality. We offer our patrons two rooms that are tastefully furnished and decorated, to respect their privacy. The atmosphere is also very cozy and warm. We also have a terrace opening onto the gardens which gives a good view on a sunny day. We attach great importance to decoration which is one of the reasons behind customer loyalty and a way to attract new customers. Thus, the predominant colors used for decoration are brown and green anise. Brown is a warm color that evokes stability, balance, well being, confidence and serenity.

It is a color that is reassuring. Green evokes a sense of calm and serenity. The idea is to create a favorable place to relax, so that people are much more sensitive to the flavors in the food. We are located at Place Vendome in Paris, which is a popular place with tourists. Our quality is exceptional both in terms of service and food. Despite these unique selling features, competition in this market segment is very strong.

We can cite a few competitors: The Fountain of the Arts, The Purple, Chez Yorejina. The concept of our restaurant involved taking over a dying restaurant and then transforming it into an upscale restaurant in gastronomy, luxury and refinement, in the capital. The first objective is to attract new customers and increase awareness of the restaurant without lowering the quality of our products and services. The second objective is to stand out from the competition.

The target consumer base of the restaurant includes yuppies and people with high purchasing power. Brand perception is all about how the target views the restaurant. The objective of the restaurant is to ensure that customers view the restaurant as one that offers quality products. We want our existing and prospective customers to view us as a luxury restaurant, that is sophisticated, friendly without being obsequious. We also want them to see that our quality of service is impeccable.

"Thousand and one treasures for your exclusive tasting sense? - the key message is that our restaurant primarily offers refined dishes that will delight customers. This is an invitation to explore a profusion of tastes and flavors. In addition, it evokes the idea that the customer will be treated as a true king when he comes into our restaurant.

Celebrities who have already visited our restaurants are emblematic of our good tastes - Nadine de Rothschild, Sonia Rykiel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Monica Belluci and others. People in power including Bertrand Delanoe, Francois Fillon, have also been the patrons of our business.

The restaurant is ranked in the Michelin guide; thi serves as a guarantee of quality. Our 4-star also proves the worth of our high-quality meals as well as our servers, and chefs. Our cooks and waiters are recruited from Maxim's in Paris and the Institute of Paul Bocuse.

Tags: Gold Star Restaurant, Target consumer base of premium restaurants, Michelin Guide

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