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Business plan for a store of optics of luxury

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Optica Designs is a Canadian based optical shop that is involved in the business of luxury brand products and series of a limited scale. The product range falls in the medium-range segment, and offers selective Optica Designs.

It is a real alternative for customers looking for high quality products and extremely rigorous personalized service. The brand aims at optimal satisfaction of its customers' needs.

Optica Designs is strongly focused on the market for luxury eyewear but also offers consulting services, procurement, support and repair services to all consumers looking for high quality viewing, for customization and qualitative work. Optics Design carefully monitors the evolution of the industry and offers exclusive products to enhance the selective nature of the brand.

There must be an awareness of the possible tendency to dilute this customization, the image of exclusivity and high quality products that offer more widespread sales. These could weaken the impact of its competitive advantages. The brand must continually assess the level of its market share and maintain its brand image.

Dispensing Opticians work in retail optical products, or other establishments providing optical services. This group includes students receptionists and opticians who occupy the position of director of a point of sale of optical products. These occupations are described in the profiles.

According to the Occupational Projection System (COPS), theannual growth rate of employment of Opticians of 2.1% through 2008, higher than the average for all occupations. This increase is related to the growing and aging population, an increasing demand for preventive care and vision correction, a more enhanced protection in health insurance, an increase in personal income households and a useful and aesthetic approach to eyewear.

Optics Design is an optical shop with a concentration of luxury brand products and series limited scale. Products how to complete the offer range of selective Optica Designs. This is a real alternative for customers looking for high quality products and personalization extremely rigorous. Customers should feel the claw Optica Designs.Our mission is to respond with an optimum satisfaction of our customers needs.

Optica Designs will also ensure the solvency of its financial statements and load properly, with a high added value, all of its services. Optica Designs will also offer an exciting lifestyle professional, ambitious, creative and respectful of ideas and people. Optica Designs will be a safe bet for both consumers and employees.

The total number of outlets between 1998 and 2008 is estimated at 620, or about 60 per year. About 40% result from the increase in population and economic growth while 60% will be used to fillvacancies as a result of retirements. Some outlets, not mentionedby the PPSC, open because of the turnover of labor.

Optics Design will benefit from this favorable environment and rising demand forecast to launch its concept-based optical products for luxury, a market segment with high potential and untapped by competitors.

Optica Designs will offer its customers a range of optical products and selective high-end products. The sign will also offer unique products and customization of the frames or lenses made in the workshop by a team of in-house craftsmen. A range of related products in the world of imaging will complement the offer and support from the department for advice, assistance and repair. Customers can also take advantage of the free medical consultations without appointment.

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[...] This is to actively involve customers in the buying process and provide a more personalized support Target Market 3.1 Marketing analysis The target market of Optics Design is those seeking luxury eyewear. The target audience consists of well-to-do families looking to stand out. Our most important target is composed of businessmen, public figures and wealthy individuals. The reputation of the promoters and their informal networks expand with respect to the geographical area of sales (orders specific and unique) at Optics Designs and our staff satisfy selective customer demand. [...]

[...] We must continually assess the level of market share and maintain the brand image of Optica Designs Mission Optics Design is an optical shop with a concentration of luxury brand products and limited series items. Optics Design offers completely selective mid-range products. This is a real alternative for customers looking for high quality products and extremely rigorous personalization. Our mission is to give the optimal satisfaction of our customers' needs. Optic Designs also ensures the solvency of its financial statements with a high added value, for all of its services. [...]

[...] We also plan to hire a lab technician dealing with ophthalmic optics to shorten delivery times and reduce our dependence vis-a-vis the companies as a subcontractor Knowledge of industry The market The optical eyewear was 5,417 million in 2001. Sales in value recorded 58% and 28% with respect to glasses and frames. This equates to 18.3 million glasses sold and 7.4 million in regard to frames. The Canadian optical industry comprises about 120 companies, employing more than 10,000 people. Foreign trade had a positive balance of 1,237 million in 1995. [...]

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