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Business strategy: the case of Metro-Camping

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When we talk about the Metro Camping, M., M. Degas has been the technician expert in camping. He was employed by Dominion Engineering as a modeller and designer. His job had made him familiar with the cut in space, sewing canvas, making frames, all transactions that allowed it to look like the handy camping equipment. Single technician camping, M. Degas was assigned all equipment repairs in the group. This combination of skills, experience and strong demand led him to create his own company in an industry he knows very well. This company provided sales, maintenance and repair of camping.

Based on the history of the Metro and Camping on the person of M. Degas, one can see that the actions or choices were made by M. Degas and were the manifestations of strategies (This is a strategic planning). M. Degas may not realize that he is to act strategically and may well feel that he had no choice to act as he did. M. Degas is the main player and Metro Camping strategist.

The process the company's strategic approach was made by Mr. Degas (a deliberate strategy) to guide these actions to profitability. The process of reflection and strategic decisions was set up structurally, which allowed him to arrange the resources in line with its objectives. Operationally, it delegates some because it has taken action with the resources it a. M. Degas is his business, he is the buyer, and he is the seller. He repairs it made the shipments, etc. He spends a lot of time for the exhibitions: preparation, presence, etc. It is therefore solely responsible for decisions taken. It has the power to make choices, which influences the strategic process of the business.

Depending on the model Porter, one can conclude that Mr. Degas used his strength to be the leader, it has focused its resources in areas where the company holds a strategic advantage, and he chose an area in which it is the strategist player. As an individual, Mr. Degas predominates and undoubtedly influences the progress of the Metro Camping.

Tags: Metro Camping, M. Degas, company's strategic approach

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