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Buying some cakes and sodas for a party in an orphanage in Cambodia with a very limited budget'

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  1. The context
  2. The negotiation
    1. Distributive Bargaining
    2. An extreme opening offer
    3. Dead lock
    4. Itegrative Negotiation
    5. Collaborative approach
    6. Compromising
  3. Analysis of the strategies used by both sides
    1. Relationship & Outcome concerns
    2. Tactics
  4. The opposite relation BATNA / Time
  5. If I were to do this negotiation again, would I do differently?

In November 2006, I went to Cambodia for 2 months as a volunteer for a French NGO called ASPECA Enfants d'Asie. I spent more than one month in an orphan center in Battambang in the north west of Cambodia, not far from the border of Thailand. My principal mission was to convince an audit of the orphanage, to give French and English lessons to children from 5 to 21 years old. We were two students from an university in France. The girl with whom I went there spoke a little Cambodian, but she was not fluent. We had a total budget of $400 to spend for the center. In the last week, $85 remained to spend for the orphanage. We planned to use this money to finance a party before our departure. We decided to spend around $70 for the food (target point). This might be a huge sum in Cambodia, but there were around 110 children in the center. And including the member of the staff, we had to buy food for more than 120 people. A negotiation occurred with the seller on 2 points, first, if he could make some more cakes before 6pm. Both of us had some power in the negotiation, the baker because he could refuse to make the adding cakes we needed, and us, because we could argue that we could go and buy the cakes from another bakery. The negotiation took a quite a long time (more than one hour) because he was not used to selling such a big amount of food in his bakery.

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