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Caroll’s strategic marketing plan, marketing audit

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  1. Introduction
  2. Caroll's company situation analysis
    1. The Caroll company and the Vivarte group
    2. The macro environment
    3. Caroll's value chain
    4. Perceived value
    5. SWOT analysis of the company
  3. The Chinese market audit
    1. Environmental study
    2. Market study
    3. Competitor's analysis
  4. Caroll's strategic marketing plan
    1. Identifying the customers
  5. Conclusion

Today's economy is becoming more and more international, and companies are not limited by their own country's market. In order to develop themselves they often choose to export their activities and find some new markets in new countries. Since a couple of years, China has become one of the most attractive of them all. Companies from around the world try to enter this very promising market. The Caroll French fashion house is interested in integrating the Chinese market. The Caroll brand has been quite successful in the country it is already implanted in and we think its time for it to study how it could export its brand on this market.

In order to do that we are first going to present the Caroll's company and analyze its current situation. We will then study more closely the Chinese clothing market to see if it is a good idea to try to integrate this market. Once we have all those information we will create a strategic marketing plan that we will present using all the main marketing and strategic tools we have seen in class. We will finish by a conclusion with a few recommendations for the future.

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