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Case study:

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  1. Lasting legacy of
  2. What did get right, and what did it get wrong?.
  3. Should Amazon have remained an online bookstore? Critically evaluate the arguments for and against quick diversification.
  4. Can successfully compete with bricks-and-clicks stores such as Barnes and Nobles?.
  5. Can small booksellers compete with a large site such as
  6. Based on what we know, paint a picture of how will look like in one year and in five years., which went online in 1995, has been the first company to thoroughly understand the fundamental basics of e-commerce, and who skilfully knew how to use the evolutions in the Internet landscape and composition to its advantage, constantly adapting to the market. is an innovative, bold and flexible company, which flooded the markets and used technological improvements and a customer-centric approach to convince the most sceptical customers to buy online. Although Jeff Bezos, the founder, did not have any background or knowledge in the retail book market, he proved able to build an effective and efficient business model and to add value to its business year after year, while resisting to the fall of "

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