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Case study: Eastman Kodak

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  1. Introduction
  2. External analysis
    1. General environment
    2. Industry environment
    3. Competitor analysis
  3. Internal analysis
    1. Global-level strategy
    2. Corporate-level strategy
    3. Business-level strategy
    4. Functional-level strategy
  4. SWOT analysis
  5. Strategic alternatives
    1. S-O strategies
    2. S-T strategies
    3. W-O strategies
    4. W-T strategies
  6. Financial analysis
    1. Short-term liquidity and activity
    2. Long-term solvency
    3. Operating efficiency and profitability
  7. Conclusion

In its continuing thrust to foster long-term growth, development and success, Eastman Kodak Company is now faced with the dilemma to sustain in the mature and slow-growing silver-halide business. In addition, the company is contending with a legion of competitors to achieve and sustain a dominant position in the emerging digital imaging business, which at the moment poses encouraging and promising opportunities.

The influx of technological advancements into the photographic marketplace has presented the industry with a unique set of challenges and possibilities. Technological discoveries and enhancements may foster, or even hasten, the growth of the traditional silver-halide market. The Advanced Photo System (APS), for example, a product of technological advancement currently being developed by nig industry players may bring silver-halide-based products into a higher level.

In addition, with the onset of digital technology, the industry is faced with chance to expand its business through venturing more into digital imaging which is currently putting forth enticing opportunities. On the downside, considering the electronic nature of the products offered in line with digital imaging (eg. Scanners, printers, etc.), entry of potential competitors, particularly from the electronics group who may have equally competent resources and capabilities, is at a height. As a result, the structure of the industry may be altered.

[...] FINANCIAL ANALYSIS SHORT TERM LIQUIDITY AND ACTIVITY Eastman Kodak Company's current ratio indicates that at year-end of 1994 current assets covered current liabilities 1.33 times down from 1993. It might be the result of paring of obsolete inventories or other stagnant current assets. From the year 1990 to 1993, a considerably high current ratio can be observed indicating an improvement in the current financial position of the company. It can be said that Kodak has a favorable credit position and satisfactory proportion of cash to the requirements of the current volume. [...]

[...] Here, Kodak must maximize its brand recognition and loyalty through carefully planned strategies when the APS innovation goes into the market. CORPORATE-LEVEL STRATEGY Fisher faced an acid test upon his arrival in Kodak. The company was in deep financial distress owing to the over expansion strategies through various diversifications, joint ventures, integrations and acquisitions implemented by previous CEOs. With the objective of facing stiff challenges posed by fierce competitors, previous CEOs failed to anticipate the trade off that will eventually beset the company with it's over expensive strategies. [...]

[...] OPPORTUNITIES The dynamic external environment presents Eastman Kodak Company several attractive opportunities. Though in a mature stage, Kodak can still capitalize on its brand reputation to penetrate into unexploited foreign markets. The three trips undertaken by Fisher and the establishment of a division in China implicitly depicts Kodak's first move to exploit on new markets. Kodak is also presented with underdeveloped market segments which presents chances for growth and success. Among these segments are in health imaging and infoimaging. The relatively young and underdeveloped market for single use cameras (SUCs) is also another field where Kodak can focus on. [...]

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