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Case Study: Gazprom

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  1. History
  2. The future
  3. The people
  4. Mission statement
  5. Recruitment process
  6. Internal recruitment
  7. External recruitment
  8. Selection process
  9. The importance of the recruitment process
  10. The recruiting strategy
  11. Swot
  12. Reducing pollution
  13. The management structure
  14. The strategy and forces
  15. Key features of restructuring
  16. Organizational structure
  17. Organizational Changes in order to catch up with competition
  18. Diversity

Gazprom believes that its people are the reason that the company is being so successful. ?There would be no revenues without our people? as Anne Sheen, the Human Resources Manager said. There are already 80 people at the moment, from the two who started the company seven years ago, the managing director and his personal assistant. All the employees at Gazprom are very talented people with a lot of skills and with several years of experience in their fields. Good leadership is the key to the success of Gazprom; it involves demonstrating courage to do their very best, building a share vision of the company; Gazprom tries that its staff feels as part of the Gazprom family, and that everybody is as important as everybody else within the organization; and delivering results.

In the energy sector there is a lot of competition, so Gazprom always tries to keep its people, they try to pay them high salaries, based on equal payments, if people do the same thing the get the same money, they try to give to their staff a good fed back, value them recognizing their success, giving them the opportunity to success, training them formally, and this is something managers have to understand, how to value their staff. ?Doing small things as remembering the name of the employees' children makes a huge difference for our employees? Anne Sheen, the Human Resources Manager said. All their employees get a private health and dental insurance, a pension system, 25 days of flexible holidays per year, with the possibility of buying five extra days, car allowances, and a sick insurance, if for example, they get sick, the company pays them the 100 per cent of their salary, and if it takes longer an agency pays them the 75 per cent of their salary as log as necessary.
(Interview of Anne Sheen Human Resource Manager of Gazprom Marketing and Trading UK and interview of Andrey Mikhalev, Managing Director of Gazprom Marketing and Trading UK)

[...] Andrey Mikhalev is the Chief Executive of the UK company. ?When they started the UK branch their was only two people working in the company, the Managing Director and the personal assistant of the Managing Director. At the moment there are 80 people. At the moment there are 80 people. In the beginning it was a slow process, between 1999 and 2003 the number of employees increased up to 8 people and in the beginning of 2004 OAO Gazprom decided to change their policy and change the name of the company. [...]

[...] In general, there are two main types of recruitments in Gazprom: internal recruitment and external recruitment. The first one, internal recruitment is the less important, there are employees' transfers in order to the number of years of experience and how he is going within the company. There are 6 different grades inside the organization depending on the number of years of experience, and it is more likely for the employees on the sixth level to be the ones who promote within the company; this gives to the employees an opportunity to do a career inside the company. [...]

[...] The company normally recruits experienced people what have a few years of background's experience in the sector, normally specialist in their fields, and from people who got recommended by others. If there is no recommendation, Gazprom goes to a recruitment agency. They do not advertise jobs positions, because they do not want to get thousands of CVs, since going through all the CVs is very time consuming and expensive, so it is the recruitment agency who select the possible candidates who can be suitable for the vacant position from the first stage into the second one, the selection process. [...]

[...] The company looks for various qualities in potential Gazprom employees. In addition to academic ability, it looks for people with extra-curricular abilities such as interpersonal ability, team-making skills and working experiences. (Interview of Anne Sheen Human Resource Manager of Gazprom Marketing and Trading UK) SWOT The Strengths of Gazprom Marketing and Trading is that it has the support of one of the leading companies in the world, Gazprom?, and receives relatively low priced gas for sale in the United Kingdom and Europe. [...]

[...] The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 forbidding employment discrimination against people with disabilities who are able to perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation. Book: Managing Human Resources 3rd Edition, Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, Cardy Conclusion For Gazprom the reason for being so successful is its people. All the Gazprom's employees are very talented, people with a lot of skills and with several years of experience in their fields. This is why the recruitment process at Gazprom is very important, because of the experience and skills the employees should have. The external recruitment is the main type of recruitment within Gazprom. [...]

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