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Case study of SIXT

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case study
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  1. Introduction
  2. History
  3. Overview of the market, and of the utilization of Internet on this market
  4. The e business strategy of SIXT
  5. Recommendations to improve their e-business strategy
  6. Conclusion

Nowadays there are a lot of rental companies, home rental, car rental etc. So in order to be competitive these companies have to be innovative and to use Internet as a tool. Indeed if we go in the website of a car rental company there is a booking process on the main page that allow users to make a reservation of a car at a certain date. In this ways Internet was a revolution for this market and sector and simplified the booking process. 10 years ago there were already a lot of car rental company but it was more difficult for consumers to order a vehicle and to take it at the station, it took times, and it was difficult, generally consumers spent a lot of time at the car rental agency and that is why there could have been reticent to rent a car. And now that internet is in the everyday life of a lot of people,the booking process is simplified, and consumers do not spend that much time in the agencies, so there are more potential customers for these companies, but there is also a lot of new competitors that know that there is profit to do.

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