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  1. Business model template
  2. The website
    1. Interaction with the website
    2. Delivery of the product
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Value Proposition:
Successful e-commerce value propositions; An innovative concept; A new mode of consumption; Fashion and lifestyle e-commerce business; International website.

Experience: Specialist for over 20 years of storage; Facilitation of transactions by managing product delivery; Save time; Added convenience; Sales are limited in time; Partner of well known brands.

Several areas: ready-to-wear, fashion accessories, home furnishings, toys, sporting goods, high tech, food Over 1450 brand partners across Europe.

Discounted prices: - 40 to - 70% compared to shop prices; Personalized communication with customers (newsletter, trailer to announce sales?); 7 days a week; Secure payment; Quality; Design of the website; A selective adhesion (based on sponsorship); Registration on the site is completely free and without obligation; Mobile application.

Revenue model:Private sales e-commerce model; is a BtoC model.

Sales revenue model : Commission per item sold.

Intermediary model : first negotiates with the manufacturer to reserve a stock of product. advertises the product but doesn't buy it. This sale will last from 1 to 6 days depending on the brand (on average, it last 4 days). The announcement of the sale is made only 2 or 3 days before, and shows only a trailer to create needs and interest. Manufacturer <=> => consumers. The website brings buyers & sellers together. No advertising revenue model, no subscription revenue model?

[...] The mobile application of is really low and pictures don't load. Maybe they should emphasis on the main service to reduce the weight of the application. After sales service There could be a system of direct chat with consumer to resolve problem. People will feel that the company really cares about them, and that they do their best to improve their service. Different languages The website is especially for French speaking country and it could be a good idea to have the possibility to go from French to another language. [...]

[...] [pic] Case study? I. BUSINESS MODEL TEMPLATE | | | |Value Proposition |Successful e-commerce value propositions. An | | |innovative concept. A new mode of consumption.| |(How do the |Fashion and lifestyle e-commerce business. | |organization's goods or |International website. Experience: Specialist | |services fulfill the |for over 20 years of storage. Facilitation of | |needs of customers? Why|transactions by managing product delivery. | |should the customer buy |Save time. Added convenience. Sales are | |from the organization?) |limited in time. [...]

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