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Club Mediterranean strategy: to conquer the market of high quality vacation

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  1. Analysis and presentation of the specific profile of the company and establishment of key strategic objectives of the company for international expansion
    1. The Profile
    2. Main goals for international expansion
  2. Choice of selection criteria for countries that are most appropriate for the profile of our business and our strategic objectives.
    1. The cultural criterion
    2. The economic criterion
    3. The geographical criterion
    4. The legal context
  3. Application of the criteria chosen to compare the terms offered by the three countries, and choosing the best country for your project.
    1. The economy
    2. The geography
    3. The legal context
    4. The cultural criterion
  4. Choosing the best country
  5. Description of the profile chosen market against our strategic objectives
    1. The economy
    2. Legal Factor
    3. The Culture
    4. The geography
  6. Establishing the best market entry strategy
  7. Future Development Strategy
    1. Focused on customers
    2. Looking to the staff
    3. Oriented techniques and energy

Club Mediterranean is a leader for over 50 years in the tourism sector and was at its onset, a pioneer of all-inclusive holidays, 'where one lives at their own pace, in places that is always a paradise'. This group was established in 1950, had corporate status and became a limited company in 1957 after the arrival at the head of Gilbert Trigano in 1954.

It is present in 40 countries, with 80 Villages and a cruise termed as Club Med 2. Distributed by over 1500 travel agents through its network of direct and indirect sales, Club Med also offers complementary activities with a strong reputation by its subsidiary branches say Jet tours, the first French tour operator of Club Med Gym and teaches on the reference segment of urban leisure.

Since 2002, Club Med is committed to a number of changes, by offering and by redesigning as per the expectations of a clientele who are seeking outstanding holidays. By opening the market segment of high quality vacation which has friendly and multicultural environment in Club Med combines the signature with high performances in terms of comfort and services and establishing itself as a reference in the field of vacation prestige while capitalizing on its ability to create the link and happiness due to the professionalism of warm and constant availability of its GO.

The ambition of the Club Med is winning market share from customers of leisure and luxury hotels to win customers through innovation and renewal of its offer. The value of strategy that is implemented to serve this ambition is based on five pillars: a strong brand, an upscale Villages by 2008 with a fleet of villages to 97% in three and four Tridents, optimization distribution including an enhanced exploitation of the potential Internet offers, especially enhanced by the Bar & Snacking Included and personal with the reclassification of the rooms.

Club Med holidays innovates and creates a refined, generous environment. This company has kept over the years a strong identity relayed by several characteristics: originality of names of employees (GE and GO) and customers (GM), reflecting the friendly vacation that can be had there. The public perception of the "Club" is still going strong and was built as a reference in the mind.
The life of an international group is fluid and is under pressure frommany macroeconomic and microeconomic reality is very nuanced.

Club Med is suffering from financial difficulties and frequent changes of direction (4 in a decade), these shifts induces strategic policy and guidance.
One can also say that the stake in Accor is not long term.Presumably this is a way to curb the rise of a competitor, Accor Travel does not work very hard, and one can also assume that it is a financial transaction to speculative: to sell the Med club after that it will be refloated and returned to profitability.

International tourism is set to almost triple as projected by the World Organization of Tourism in the next twenty years, the WTO is trying to convince the tourism industry and give priority to large groups to minimize the negative effects of tourism on the environment and cultural heritage.

Tags: International tourism, Club Mediterranean, strategy to conquer high quality vacation market

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