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The Cola Wars: Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola

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Fight against obesity: In the United States, the current first lady Michelle Obama wants to fight obesity as the health issue number one of this century. She launched the campaign ?Let's Move? which aims to push the cafeterias of public schools to change and diversify their menus, and to make the children more sensitive about exercising and practicing sports. The political environment is changing. The mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, wants to prohibit the sale of XXL sodas (extra-large cans) in the restaurants, movie theaters, baseball stadiums? Michael Bloomberg already prohibited the purchase of sodas with food stamps, to protect the lower class from obesity. In the US, the number of calories now has to appear on the bottle. The Unites States are returning to the state of prohibition, not for the alcoholic beverages but this time, for the non-alcoholic beverages, which involves a strong lobbying by pressure groups to limit the restrictions. Indeed, the fight against obesity doesn't gather all the political class. Some Republicans denounce the actions taken by the government as a violation of individual freedom, claiming that they are creating a country of assistantship, a ?nanny? country.

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