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Communication strategy for Audi

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  1. Introduction
  2. Discussion
  3. Audi brand
  4. Marketing strategy
  5. Summary and Recommendation

In the recent past, UK's car market has expanded quickly and is rated amongst the worlds competitive. With the addition of automotive competitors in the market, from the entire Europe, a brand of a car requires a deeper understanding of its customers to help it in the development of communication marketing strategies. What is meant by this is application of the appropriate media and messages with the aim of communicating the information to the targeted UK market successfully. There are basic things that may be needed by customers from different places in the UK. Despite their needs their preferences and tastes of a product always vary from one customer to another. The explanation for the difference lies in geographic, culture and socioeconomic environments. These are state in which the goods are consumed.

The sociological and location factors influence the consumer's behavior and directly apply to communication. Audi has got many customers in UK market inclusive of billionaires, and others are aged below 30 years. The statistics have been pointed out specifically to show that customers in this market change. Studies done in the past have revealed that decision making, purchasing criteria and channels of communication are different with the younger customers than the generation of the past who got wealth in the post cultural revolution.

[...] Summary and Recommendation From this report, Audi employs various strategies in its communication. For instance, Audi as a brand has won the consumers' loyalty and trust. This has been possible because of its consistency and reputation in the market. As reflected to be the brand possessing quality content, consumers despite other factors still buy its brands at high prices. To be specific, Audi's brand value is of great essence; it reflects its value, comfortable and is displayed as gold content that forms the basis to be premium when compared to others. [...]

[...] Another key point to the brands localization was social marketing. With the efforts of Audi's integration into the market, not only in the products and technology and other localization aspects but also inclusion of emotional aspects in the localization process, it made a contribution in the environmental protection field. It also contributed to the undertakings of social welfare. These activities as a whole: consumer, Audi brand, their connection, virtually narrow the distance between the public and Audi brand. Audi has scored high in marketing its brand and has managed to integrate social and internal resources. [...]

[...] Experts reiterate that the idea to win service is the direction to maturing and performing automotive market. Audi A6L used together with the 7840 forms new models with complete series. Individual consumers do not only require sales models and orders to satisfy their needs, but also are in need of enhancement of this brand in competitive UK market. Furthermore, there should be an enhancement of Audi's quality and sales drive. Audi being good in the marketing of its brand, it became powerful. [...]

[...] It is also good at mobilization of social resources, which in the marketing concept interprets its integrated market communication head. This has been Audi's most successful implementation marketing communication. There it is highly recommended that Audi as a firm should maintain its consumer's loyalty by maintaining high quality in its brand. Apart from that, it should maintain the social marketing and event marketing. The significance of implication of good strategies in communication marketing strategies by Audi is essential. Effective communication to the targeted market will grow into a critical state. [...]

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