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Communication strategy for the launching of new the FIAT 500 (2008)

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  2. The Audi society
  3. SWOT analysis
    1. External Analysis
    2. Internal Analysis
  4. Competitor Analysis
  5. Communication strategy for the Audi Q7
    1. Communication media
    2. Non-media communication
    3. Control of the communication strategy
  6. Conclusion

With the revival of the Fiat 500, manufacturers hope to provoke a strong emotion in the consumer at the sight of the vehicle, thanks to its design and originality and also its reputation. The goal is to educate the consumer so as to convey the image of a car at low cost and incentive for everyday use.

The objectives of the campaign will reposition the Fiat 500, by passing the image of a vehicle at low cost and high quality. It covers the following aspects: Reclaiming the former followers of the car, attracting a request of the environmentally conscious, price and quality oriented consumers and targetting the female group.

Fiat is on the auto market with the new Fiat 500, launching the remake of "yoghurt pot" to meet competition in this market, especially with the new Renault Twingo 2 and indirectly with the Toyota Yaris. Fiat targets a young clientele who wish to have a smart car that is practical, and economical at a low cost. Men and women of 18-35 years age group are targeted

The new Fiat 500 is available in 9 models; in order o facilitate access to women by making it easier to choose when buying the car. Fiat also wants to enjoy the remake of "yoghurt pot" to stir emotion among consumers, because the client is increasingly tied to the design of this car. With the revival of the Fiat 500, the manufacturer hopes to provoke strong emotions among consumers on the first view of the vehicle.

The design and originality of the car conveys the image of a car at low cost with a tendency for everyday use. It is also a simple car, economical, safe and environmentally friendly. The main objective for the Fiat 500 is mainly to regain the market share lost in the past.

Tags: Fiat 500, launch of car, revival of brand and market share

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