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Company project: Port de Lille

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  1. Various activities
    1. Actor in the city, actor for the city
    2. Port de Lille; a firm that gathers areas and functions
  2. Strategic vision of the company: inside, and from inside to outside
    1. Intern organization
    2. From inside to outside
  3. Safety and environment
    1. Safety
    2. Environment

The Port Fluvial was created on the 20th of April 1935 but it really started to be active after the Second World War in 1947. If at the beginning, the Port Fluvial was far away form the city, today Lille is surrounding the harbor. In just a few years the harbor became an important logistic tool and entered in the top 5 as one of the most important harbors in France. Over the years, this little service firm became a big complex of platforms draining traffics from the whole world. The original assignment of the Port Fluvial was to create a place of transfer of goods, from the water to the road, or to the railroad. Nowadays, it has platforms draining traffic in the whole world. As intended, the Port Fluvial would like to have the control of all the harbors in the North region. Indeed, with the new laws about decentralization, Port Fluvial would have the power to control all the harbors in the region. Finally, to spread its activity even more, Port Fluvial is planning on openning a new terminal, situated ion the outskirts of Lille. This new terminal should considerably reduce the time of transport according to Jean Berlain, communications director of Port Fluvial. The reason why we chose Port Fluvial is because the harbour, is one of the biggest 'harbour-in-town' in France.

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