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Comparative analysis of Wikipedia and Linux

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  1. Background
  2. A target of young women
    1. A predominantly female target
    2. A brand, a symbol of youth
  3. International brand
  4. The organization
  5. A simple concept
    1. With a range of important products worldwide
    2. And who knew how to win against stiff competition
    3. The conquest of the country
  6. The location of 20 stores
  7. Communication and Marketing
    1. Communication and highly developed marketing methods
    2. Participation in various events to convey the image of the brand
  8. Collaborations with world-famous designers and celebrities
  9. Conclusion

For a comparative study two innovations were chosen to analyze, the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia and the Linux operating system. Wikipedia is a universal, free, multilingual encyclopaedia, available on the Internet. This is different from the trademark by "Wikimedia Foundation" (directed by Jimmy Wales); it aimed to "promote the growth and development of projects with the free knowledge.

Wikipedia is written collaboratively, that is to say that each user can modify the contents. There are however a number of users (114 today) which have the status of directors that is to say that they have the power to remove, protect or unprotect some items after a vote of all members. The encyclopedia uses the wiki technology.

This is a management system invented by Ward Cunningham that allows visitors of a website to change it, if they think that it is needed. Wikipedia advocates several principles including the neutral point of view, so it's an exhibition of knowledge and learning. Launched in 2001, Wikipedia now has over 5 million articles in 229 different languages and it is the most visited wiki world.

Linux on the other hand is a free operating system, which takes its name from its core. Initiated in 1991 by Linus Torvalds, it is initially a central component that provides "software interface to communicate among them and with the equipment." Indeed, when referring to Linux, one wants the most commonly chosen by the distribution system (that is to say a software package) that Linux is the heart. Although Linux is not the best operating system, it is an exemplary stability.

The choice fell on these two innovations because of the commonalities that link them on some fronts but also the difference in their own path. This paper will attempt to analyze in what follows and how these two innovations are similar, both technologically and in terms of ideology.

Linux and Wikipedia are two innovations that have as a fundamental principle,a freedom of information and knowledge.
This is a common feature associated with their respective histories.The GNU Project by Richard Stallman launched in 1984, a researcher at MIT, was to "bring the spirit of cooperation that prevailed in the computing community in the old days" in the words of the researcher.

It is therefore apparent that the two innovations that are taken for this project o be analyzed has the same ideological purpose as Linux and Wikipedia encyclopedia by providing users the ability to modify the content offering for free . The free cesdeux innovations also transcribed this dimension. It will be interesting to see how Linux and Wikipedia manage their funding.

There is therefore a very strong ideological link between these innovations even if today one sees a slight delay between them. While Wikipedia is becoming better known around the globe, and is sought by millions of users, Linux is an operating system reserved for a population of insiders, although it is set to grow to be more and more important among users. This divergent evolution reflects a more profound stake in each of these innovations.

Tags: Linux-operating systems, Wikipedia online encyclopaedia, comparative analysis

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