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The components of SAP SI business

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  1. Introducing the SAP Company and its activity in information systems
    1. Technological knowledge of SAP business
    2. The origins of the success of the SAP Company
    3. Relationships with its ecosystem and the announcement of the future
  2. Some ERP business applications
    1. The "one business" and the development of SMEs
    2. THE SAP "All in one"
    3. My SAP
  3. Conclusion

SAP ( Systems, Applications and Products for data processing ) is an ERP computer and management.SAP AG is the company that develops the software, this editor was founded in 1972 and is the world leader in ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning ) with a turnover of close to 7 billion euro 2006.L objective of this editor is to offer its customers the occurrence companies, focusing more on the workflow management tools that those functions , providing companies a broad vision of their organization , flexibility and innovation requires the adoption of these new managerial and procedural techniques ( ICT) targeting the organizational type and choosing the right ERP and engineering or specific settings finally the deployment and effects. We present the SAP publisher and its activity in SI then we will see some D' ERP or ERP applications in business.

SAP consists of nearly 12 million users, some 100,000 infrastructures, and collaboration with nearly 1,500 partners. Because of his activities, SAP is the leading provider of software, and employs over 39,000 people worldwide in nearly 50 countries and has many customers, its head office is based in Walldorf, Germany, and its CEO is Mr. Henning Kagermann. Current developments in financial markets and the development of SMEs, SMIs and TPI, in addition to the context of globalization in the 80s, favored business solutions adapted to the current economy software.
Solutions must be flexible with a multitude of databases with application and system of operations to facilitate communication between the company and their customers and partners to better exploit the internal management software (ERP and ERP: enterprise resource planning). Indeed, in recent years the development of «Business One" and «All in one» seduced SMEs by their ease of implementation.

SAP is listed on several exchanges such as Frankfurt and New York and is based on several sectors as industrial, commercial, military, health, technology, media, environmental, logistics, telecommunications, the pharmaceutical services.

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