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Comprehensive Analysis of Sea Change International, Inc.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Profile of SeaChange International, Inc. (SEAC)
  3. SWOT Analysis
  4. Independent Distribution Network
  5. Dependence on the Development of Multi-Screen Video Business
  6. Exciting Television Era
  7. Competition
  8. Conclusion and Recommendation

Organizations operate in a business environment characterized by high uncertainty influencing the link existing between their strategies and overall performance. This arises from the turbulent world, where each day appears to bring along the dawn of a new environmental era. Assuming that the world never changes, organizations would develop and live in a single plan. However, today's experts agree that organizations face unstable business, environmental elements upon which reactive management style would inadequately contain. The reason for this state arises from changes happening faster and multiple directions. This leaves comprehensive strategic analysis an interactive activity to allow the management anticipate and base their decisions upon future events as opposed to reactions to crises as they occur. The organization, incorporated in 1993, delivers multi-screen video through its products and services. The broad portfolio of products and services enables the company licence, manage and distribute advertising content, television programming and video content. The organization growth as a trusted business partner traces to its mission of assisting providers of video services increase ARPU while reducing OPEX, customer churn and CAPEX (Reuters, 2014). It sustains this mission by utilizing personalized video services aimed at uniting seamlessly television programming and internet platforms.

[...] Although experiencing several weaknesses, including unreliable distribution agents, untimely release of products and overdependence on highly concentrated markets, SeaChange poses organizational strength on various edges. They include possession of core technology, strategic acquisition of compatible private companies and committing to continuous research and development for the next generation of products. This will enable the organization replenish its market position by expanding into the Europe, Middle East and Latin America to counter the declining revenue from its North American market. Additionally, the organization should channel more resources to research and development of products that foster its presence in the promising television era and on-demand video viewing. [...]

[...] This ensures the organization focuses its current research and development initiatives to solve emerging challenges facing the customers. Although the organization reduced the number of staff in its research and development facilities, it has maintained a coordinated staff base at Acton, Milpitas, Bangalore, Manila and Eindhoven. The strength posed by its revolutionary offerings traces to its diverse R&D team comprising 46% of its workforce even after releasing 99 members following the divestment in 2012. (Daily Stocks, 2013) Weakness Independent Distribution Network The organization has a long sales cycle extending to two years. [...]

[...] The core technology positions SeaChange to assume early mover advantages of customers joining the on-demand marketplace. This platform facilitates provision of feasible services to the adjacent markets, including over-the-top and mobile operators. The superior platform ensures SEAC means the content delivery platforms without involving the service providers, when controlling and distributing the content (Edgar, 2014). It is upon technological excellence that drives the development of the next video delivery platforms furnished with increased ranks of subscriber interacts. This made the organization receive three Emmy Awards for its technological excellence and pivotal contribution in sparking the growth of service provider business in multi-channel advertising (SeaChange, 2014). [...]

[...] The revenue generated from Europe and Middle East is accelerating since the 20% in 2011 to 32% of the total revenue in 2013. This arises as the Latin America registers growth of from a in 2012 to in 2013 (SeaChange, 2014). This growth signals an expanding clientele for its products in these regions that will counter the decline in its primary market in North America. Exciting Television Era As the organization focus on enhancing its next generation of products, there exists a commercial sense in tapping into the promising television era. [...]

[...] The acquisition enhances the compatibility of SeaChange products such as Axiom and Adrenalin. This allows their functionality to support distribution of multi-screen video service. Besides supporting the multi-functionality of the above software products, the acquisition of the aforementioned companies gives SeaChange Nitro subscribers intuitive navigation features (Edgar, 2014). Equally, the acquisition of Vivid Logic Inc., in 2010 has eased the expansion of the software product offerings. This generates competitive advantages through vertical and horizontal expansions that yield penetrative force into the in-home gateway division. [...]

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