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Conflict management: Case study

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  1. Introduction
  2. Types of conflict
  3. Sources of conflict
  4. What possible management resolution remedies would you recommend for the work place?
  5. Conclusion

Workplace, conflicts is a concept, which an organization can't afford to ignore or disassociate with, they are common and often will keep on recurring if strategic and result oriented measures are not adopted. Though such conflict have been accentuated as having both positive and negative impacts, their unhealthy effect on a firm's productivity, remains a serious issue, that if not addressed may spell doom to the organization's future output. Indeed unhealthy conflicts lead to a myriad of consequences such as, loss of talented employees, low motivation of employees, emotional distress, constant restructuring costs, poor decision masking process and mostly wastage of essential time.

This has the effect of eating up into a firm's productivity, hence affecting her competitive advantage. For instance according to a study conducted in US on workplace conflicts, it was found that in the year 2008 alone, employees spend approximately 3 hours a week on matters of conflict . Translated into cost and taking into consideration a rate of $17.95 hourly earning, it translated to 359 billion US dollars a year, perhaps giving a grim picture of the impact of conflicts within an organization.

[...] Can the Chinese setting be generalized to our workplace environments? The Chinese setting of conflict management is one that incorporates an ideological cultural conception different from the western environment. In this case, according to Leung (2002), Chinese typically view conflicts from a harmonistic perspective that is defined by the ingenious concept of collectivism, whilst Westerners often adopt a conflict perspective that is defined by individualism. Hence based on such perspective the Chinese conception of conflict management, involves strategies such as avoidance and cooperative strategy. [...]

[...] What possible management resolution remedies would you recommend for the work place? Based on the Chinese case scenario, in resolving conflict within an organization, it is important to adopt collective, effective and result oriented policies and measures that ensure conformity. In this case, the measures should not adopt a punitive measure but rather a preventive measure involving the organization and the personal approach. As regard the organization, it is important to adopt planning and mentoring programmes, management of diversification in the workplace, motivational approaches, encouraging open communication and team building programmes. [...]

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